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澳门银河网址:[GZ] Government service platforms offer citizens great convenience

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内容摘要:Citizens handle their cases through a government affairs service machine set up at Yuexiu government affairs service center. [Photo/


Citizens handle their cases through a government affairs service machine set up at Yuexiu government affairs service center. [Photo/]

In a recent report on government affairs services satisfaction released by the Guangdong Provincial Situation Study and Research Center, the four Guangzhou districts Yuexiu, Tianhe, Haizhu and Nansha were listed among the top 10 from a total of 125 counties and districts within Guangdong province. Furthermore, Yuexiu district, which ranked first, was crowned once again as the most satisfactory provider of government services for the fourth year running.

The report also revealed that nearly 35 percent of Guangdong residents have tried online government affairs service platforms, which is not surprising as it features some of the best facial recognition, speech analysis and auto-response in the world.


A staff member from Yuexiu government affairs service center helps a citizen to handle her case through an online government affairs service platform. [Photo/]

However, according to Wu, a staff member of the Yuexiu government affairs service center, only a small portion of the government cases handled in 2017 were done through the online platform. From out of a total of 23,446 cases, only 1,615 of them were conducted online. "This is because either people were not familiar with the online platform or they had cases that the platform could not resolve ," added Wu, "which is why we have opened a special space in the center to help locals try out solving their issues on the platform."


A girl uses a 24-hour self-serviced machine to handle her case at Tianhe distric government affairs service center. [Photo/]

Yuexiu district is the first place in Guangzhou to reform online government affairs and the changes have already been fruitful. The processing of 290 cases, which required government reviews from 16 different local departments, was streamlined significantly, allowing the local residents to save great effort and much time.





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